Open Protocol

Systemtech South West Ltd promote Open Protocol systems

Open Protocol systems give the end user the commercial flexibility to change provider. Its our way of saying that we are confident that you will stay with us whilst providing a very honest and transparent service. Many companies use a high profile sales team to offer their fire and security solutions. These systems are often Closed Protocol or Managed Protocol. Many companies manufacture and install their own unique product that can only be supported by using software that is unavailable to other accredited companies. This practice restricts the end user and can effectively tie the client to expensive maintenance and service contracts. If the company does not perform they still feel secure in the knowledge that you as a customer cannot go anywhere unless you take the system out and start again.

Companies quizzed on Closed Protocol may refer to their systems as Managed Protocol. Definitions of Managed Protocol vary depending on your friendly sales person, in brief they will declare that any other accredited company meeting their criteria may licence their software and be given training on their products. What is not mentioned is that they make it commercially not viable for their competitors. Licence fees, regular update courses and lack of effective support leave potential maintenance companies not competitive.

Our systems, our commitment

We firmly believe that a company should be assessed on their quality, performance and attention to detail. We are passionate about what we do therefore our products have been extensively tested for quality, performance and reliability. All equipment meet the required approvals and pass our Open Protocol criteria. Products that we install can be maintained, modified or extended by any suitably qualified company. Our approved systems are installed throughout many sites including:

  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres
  • Power Stations
  • Accommodation blocks
  • Government Buildings
  • Production studios
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